Please read carefully description of the goods, as there can be optional positions on pictures of the goods. These positions can be added in options.

Colours, forms and sizes can be slightly different from pictures. There can be knots or tree drawings different from pictures. Some parts can be painted of stay natural in a slightly different way from pictures.

We accept payment by

▫️ PayPal

▫️ Transferwise

We ship with Russian Post and EMS.

After you place an order, we contact you to confirm all the details, calculate shipping costs and include them into the invoice.

If you pay by PayPal, we include PayPal comission into the invoice and send you a request for payment on your email.

If you choose Transferwise, we will give you our account details for paying.

When the order is shipped, we send you a tracking number.

Please note, because of the situation with COVID delivery takes more time. We can not influence it. According to our experience, all the packages arrive safe anyway.

We hope you receive our packages fast and enjoy the toys!